What to expect when working with Studio Forma

Studio Forma Interior Design takes a very friendly, open-minded and relaxed approach to design without compromising details and creativity. We spend time to get to understand your company and the way it works. We need to understand each role and how they function so that we can ensure creating a more efficient space.

We consider time and budget throughout the process. We make sure that we do not specify outrageously expensive materials and products, but always make sure that what we specify is of excellent quality and will last. We also make an effort to combine both higher and lower end pieces in unison to create a budget friendly space that looks impressive. 

Our forte is problem solving making spaces where there are none, looking at unusable areas and making them usable. We take loud spaces and make them quiet, we take dull spaces and make them bright. We take no work flow and create a productive work flow.

We are excited about every stage of the design process. We will make sure that we are on site and available through out the entire renovation. We work closely with the trades to make sure that the vision and the details are not forgotten along the way. 

We will be there from the vision stage to the grand opening.