Supplier Partnerships

When you work with an interior designer for your office planning or renovations, the value extends beyond our skill set. You can enjoy the many benefits that come from our vendor partnerships. Top to bottom, we have relationships that will get you the furniture, finishes, and fixtures you need to take our design and make it happen with the added advantage of our designer discounts working for you.

Start with the Bottom Line

Costs are always an important consideration in any design project. Many offices require or benefit from commercial-grade products for flooring, furniture, and other fixtures because they last so much longer. That doesn’t necessarily take the sting out of the up-front costs, but we can certainly help to soothe them.

Within our partnerships, we get substantial discounts on list pricing for many products, and we’re able to pass them along to you. While it’s still an investment, you get the quality and durability you need for your office at prices lower than you could get on your own.

What kind of products? All kinds of products:

  • Contract-Grade Office Furniture
  • Acoustics
  • Flooring 
  • Lighting
  • Signage & Murals
  • Tiles
  • Glass Partitions
  • and more

We also have partnerships with service providers, particularly contractors, who we can recommend to implement the design we created for you.

Streamline the Process

At each stage of your design project, our supplier partnerships can help to smooth the path. We can more easily procure the right samples, get advice on the best products for a given application, and keep up to date on the latest innovations to optimize the products you use for your renovation. For more complex elements, such as office furniture, our partners will assist with layouts, finishes, and revisions to ensure you’re satisfied that the proposed solution will work as you need it to for your team and their workflow.

Many products, such as lighting, and acoustics, will be shipped to your location for your contractor to install. Others, such as furniture, flooring, tiling and signage are full-service which means the vendor will also handle delivery and installation. We work with them to schedule these activities, and in the rare event where a problem arises, we work with them to resolve it in a timely way.

Leverage Our Skills and Our Partnerships

In working with us as your interior designer, you get to leverage our knowledge of design and function and also our designer discounts and relationships through our vendor partners. And even if you don’t need to redesign and only need the products, we can still help you to order products at a great price.

Contact us to talk about your interior design needs and put our partnerships to work for you.

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