Supplier Partnerships

When collaborating with an interior designer for your office planning or renovations, the advantages you gain transcend mere expertise. Engaging with us opens the door to a plethora of benefits stemming from our extensive network of vendor partnerships. From the foundational elements to the finishing touches, we boast a comprehensive array of connections that empower you to bring our visionary designs to life. More than just access, these relationships are your gateway to the high-quality furniture, finishes, and fixtures essential for realizing the envisioned space. 

Vendor Partnerships and Interior Design

start With The bottom Line

Costs are always an important consideration in any project.

Many offices require or benefit from commercial-grade products for flooring, furniture, and other fixtures due to their enhanced durability and longevity. While the initial investment in these high-quality products can be significant, our position in the industry offers a unique advantage in mitigating these costs.


Through our established partnerships, we secure substantial discounts on list pricing for a wide range of products. This preferential pricing structure allows us to access the quality and durability essential for office environments at more favourable rates.


Additionally, our network extends to service providers, including contractors, whose expertise aligns with the implementation of our designs. Our relationships with these professionals ensure that the execution of your space design is in capable hands, further enhancing the value we bring to your project.

Products that Get Great Savings

Contract-Grade Office Furniture
Signage & Murals
Glass Partitions
Vendor partnerships and Interior Design

streamline The Process

At each stage of your design project, our supplier partnerships can help to smooth the path.

We can more easily procure the right samples, get advice on the best products for a given application, and keep up to date on the latest innovations to optimize the products you use for your renovation. For more complex elements, such as office furniture, we will assist with layouts, finishes, and revisions to ensure you’re satisfied that the proposed solution will work as you need it to for your team and their workflow.

Many products, such as lighting, and acoustics, will be shipped to your location for the contractor to install. Others, such as furniture, flooring, tiling and signage are full-service which means we will also handle delivery and installation. We work endlessly to schedule these activities, and in the rare event where a problem arises, we will work to resolve it in a timely way.


We can help you every step of the way

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