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Treefrog Inc. is a digital marketing company that was looking to house a space as creative and innovative as their work and team. Services offering which range from Website development, Brand strategy and development, mobile apps, proprietary content management systems, Graphic Design, content creation and marketing, Search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, hosting and tainting and workshops, they do a lot and have a lot of different types of people and required a flexible space. They are a company that has been around since before the internet was a standard and know how it works and how to help clients succeed in digital marketing.

The new Treefrog space goals we to create a Frog-friendly place where they could welcome more clients, find quiet spaces to let their creativity soar and maximize their capacity to collaborate and innovate as a team. Applying the Treefrog brand aesthetic of clean, airy, and vibrant, we set about transforming this old car dealership that was a blast from the ’70s, into a bright and open environment where Frogs can thrive and continue to drive success for their clients. The lease on this the new office was a 5-year lease and the possibility of extending it longer, however, the building was deemed to be destroyed in light of a multiple-story office building as a replacement, their day was numbered. Knowing this, we ensured everything thing within the space was modular, flexible and transferable to a new space. We didn’t want all the hard work, money and materials to go into the landfill in a few years, so everything was considered.

The nature of the business and the people working there required flexibility, impromptu spaces, private space, larger private spaces, training area, soundproof video area, storage areas, open concept kitchen and lunchroom, lots of natural light, but also darker areas for programmers.

The space itself was a challenge, it was large but not open. It was an old but little character. It had the stench of a 70’s old car dealership, with a cigar vent in the president’s office and all. The space was large, but about half was used as a storage for car parts, which was essential a concrete box with a garage door and rusted shelving.

We had to transfer this space along with the rest into a modern, efficient, energetic forum for maximum creativity, flexibility and collaboration. We started out by removing what walls we could to create more flow from area to area, keeping the original sales offices, but taking off the doors for a more transparent feel. We also kept the front showroom floor tiles as they were neutral and functional. We laid carpet tile everywhere we could, creating intricate design and patterns for interest and fun. These carpet tiles could be lifted and moved to another space if required. We gutted the storage area, replaced the garage door with a window, added an open kitchen area and converted that space into a training, hang out and eating area. Very mulit-purpose and gets used for multiple tasks throughout the day to private meetings, to large scale groups, to lunchroom banter.

We created custom modular millwork, that acted as both room partitions but also customized storage for the design area requiring special storage for materials, tools and equipment. These units were infused with the brand, clean simple, purposeful and added circle detail allowed for light to continue into the other areas. They were created in sections that would then be transportable to a new space, or as it happened, be able to be moved to create a larger space to include a larger group, with ease and no issues.

Using proper workstations allowed us the flexibility for growth and ability to change stations configuration and location easily. We included one large secrete and private boardroom with a circular table that fit 15 people, this table was brought in through the window which was previously a large door for storing parts and then replaced with a window.

Using marker board throughout the space was a must. In a creative environment where brainstorming is a must, we needed to allow for this creativity. We used marker board paint where ever we could. We included open break out areas, private areas, private offices, several sized meeting rooms and flexible furniture to be moved around to suit the task at hand.

We even created a partition out of large scale lego blocks that can be broken down a reconfigured to suit the amount of design required at a moments notice. Very fun and flexible that worked well with this brand.

The new space allows them to engage with their clients, the community, and each other with their spacious training room, multiple meeting spaces, lunch room, lounge, and miles of whiteboard walls for brainstorming sessions. With the flexible approach, this allows rom for growth with ease and multi-functional space for years to come. Good news, they were able to extend the lease another 5 years, so we were able to able to also help them integrate the space next door into the main office, using al the same techniques and thought process.

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