Stinson ITS

Stinson ITS acquired a new office space that was in a poor condition and did not reflect their brand. Through a partnership, they were able to transform the space into a modern, open environment that embodies their brand. The design of the office incorporates thematic use of circles and chevrons which aligns with the technology and transportation aspects of their business and corporate wordmark.

To maintain the open feel of the office while providing privacy and definition, a variety of heights and acoustic partitions were used. Glass partitions were also incorporated to create a seamless look and feel throughout the office.

Flexible collaborative spaces were created with curved soft seating and break-out areas on both the main and upper levels. The tech room received a creative boost with the use of rubber flooring on both the walls and floors.

The office design features bright pops of corporate orange and dynamic patterns, creating a visually interesting and appealing environment for visitors to admire.

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