KRS Insurance

KRS Insurance faced the challenge of moving into an existing office space that was tailored to the predecessor’s business. To suit their people, workflow, and brand, we had to rethink the space. Located in a heritage building with unique features, such as high ceilings and sandy-coloured brick walls, we updated the space with largely cosmetic changes to reflect their strong brand identity.

We created a dramatic transformation with new paint, flooring, glass doors in the offices for additional light, and acoustic panels for sound control. Leveraging their signature blue with the brick’s softer tones, we created a vibrant and soothing colour scheme that’s present in the carpet tiles, custom-painted murals, and acoustic panels. We complemented these with clean white office furniture.

The mostly open space leaves lots of potential for a suitable layout without structural changes. The office has four sections: a storefront window, a central area with two stylized wood and metal partitions, a large open zone for workstations, and two private offices at the back.

We transformed the front area into a kitchenette and lunch area, adding frosted glass partitions for privacy. The storefront window looks out onto Main Street in Newmarket, making it a great place to feel connected to the street’s activity. In the next zone, we removed dark office partitions and made room for substantial storage, a nearby counter-height table, and a new printer area. A blue soft-seating bench adds flair and comfort, while blue acoustic panels divide this space from the open workstations.

In the open area, we used carpet tiles that incorporated the brand’s blue colour and softer complementary colours to protect the underlying floor and soften sound. Height-adjustable workstations and storage were configured optimally to provide everyone with the space and privacy they need to do their jobs.

In the offices, we replaced the solid doors with frosted glass and configured acoustic wall panels in a modern take on traditional panelling. The shelving and storage were planned in a custom configuration that provides an aesthetically pleasing background for hosting virtual meetings.

This impeccable space infuses the brand into every aspect of the functional workplace, making an unforgettable impression.

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