Flaming Stove

Flaming Stove is a dynamic Middle Eastern restaurant with a wonderful variety of flavours in its food. That’s why the design reflects its warmth,  spice, and freshness.

Bright colours catch the eye in a variety of colours and textures, including multiple tiles, paint, and signage. Warm wood compliments the colours and creates a directional flow, along with custom lighting that runs the length of the restaurant. Additional lighting combines with the creative use of paint to put a sunny spotlight on the vivid seating area at the back. If you prefer a window, the counter area gives you a front-row view of the making of the delicious Saj bread.

We can tell you first-hand that this is a delectable choice for your lunch or dinner, and we’ve made sure to feed your visual senses as surely as Flaming Stove inspires your taste buds.

Photo Credit: contactquinnm@gmail.com

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