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Commercial Interior Design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s the tangible representation of your corporate brand brought to life. At Studio Forma, our specialty lies in translating your brand identity into a physical space that truly reflects your values.  Collaborating with organizations, we have a passion for expressing culture through innovative Interior Design solutions. Our unique ability to introduce the unexpected sets us apart as the preferred partner for achieving a wow factor that’s tailored to your individuality.

Understanding the profound impact of a creative and efficient workspace, Studio Forma is committed to energizing you, your team, and your clients each day you step through the doors. We recognize that an organized and well-designed work environment is not just a backdrop but a catalyst for inspiring creativity, enhancing productivity, and fostering problem-solving. In essence, Studio Forma is your partner in crafting an Interior Design that transforms your workspace into a source of pride and enjoyment.

Explore the Studio Forma difference in Interior Design, where we seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics to create commercial spaces that stand out and speak volumes about your brand. From office design to selecting the perfect office furniture, we are dedicated to ensuring your workspace reflects the essence of your organization with style and substance. We are your Interior Design partners. 

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Interior Design

Every business is unique in its interior design needs, and we can help you to exactly the degree you require. Brand new space to build anyway you want? Existing office needs an overhaul? Looking to rethink and modernize within your space? Or do you just need accurate floor plans so that you can make your own design? We have packages to cover all of these options or we can meet with you and create a customized plan that works with your ideas.

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Office Furnishings

Office furniture has evolved beyond mere function in today’s dynamic work environment. It’s not just about keeping your team productive; it also needs to be ergonomic and comfortable. The good news is that there is an array of office products designed to meet these needs and more, bringing a whole new level of style to your interior office design. Each piece is carefully chosen to enhance productivity, well-being, and the overall visual appeal of your workspace.

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Stinson ITS

Stinson ITS underwent a remarkable transformation in this space, turning it from a dark, compartmentalized, dated area into a modern open environment that embodies their brand essence.  To enhance the sense of openness while maintaining privacy, we strategically implemented different heights and utilized hanging acoustic partitions. 

Curved soft seating and numerous breakout areas on both the main and upper levels contribute to a dynamic, collaborative, and flexible workspace. 

At the intersection of interior design, office design, and the thoughtful selection of office furniture, the Stinson ITS project exemplifies our commitment to transforming spaces into dynamic and visually captivating reflections of the brand’s identity.

Treefrog Inc.

Treefrog, a dynamic marketing agency, undertook an extensive search for the ideal space to house its growing business. This quest culminated in the discovery of a unique venue—a former car dealership transformed into a bright and airy environment. The design of the space, a harmonious blend of interior design, office design, and corporate design, seamlessly accommodates both functionality and the vibrant spirit that defines the company.

Custom millwork takes centre stage in this transformation, strategically creating separation within the space while preserving its open and inviting atmosphere. The inclusion of unique light fixtures enhances the environment, fostering a sense of creativity and innovation. True to their corporate identity, the signature green hue of Treefrog infuses a fresh and dynamic energy into the space, reflecting the ongoing evolution of the company. This project stands as a testament to the successful convergence of interior design elements, office functionality, and corporate aesthetics in a space that is as unique as the agency it houses.


At Versapay, nestled in a workspace with stunning views of downtown Toronto, our approach was to seamlessly integrate interior design, office design, and corporate design principles. Focused on maximizing both the panoramic views and workspace functionality, we harnessed the character of existing architectural details. The incorporation of the brand’s angular lines and vibrant colour palette became a central theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Striking a balance between attractiveness and functionality, acoustic features positioned above the boardroom table and within brightly coloured dividers contribute to a dynamic and engaging environment. Every aspect of the design, from the communal central lunchroom to the privacy-enhancing furniture phone booths, is meticulously crafted to meet Versapay’s diverse needs. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, reflecting the unique identity and corporate values of the companies we partner with.

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