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Commercial Interior Design is the ultimate manifestation of your corporate brand in real life and achieving that is our specialty. We love to work with organizations to express their culture through their physical space. Our ability to add the unexpected makes us your go-to partner for achieving a wow factor that’s unique to you.

At Studio Forma, we understand that a creative, efficient workspace energizes you, your team, and your clients every day as you come through the doors. An organized and well-designed work environment inspires creativity, productivity, and problem solving. In short, we’ll help you create a workspace you can be proud of and enjoy.

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Every business is unique in its interior design needs, and we can help you to exactly the degree you require. Brand new space to build anyway you want? Existing office needs an overhaul? Looking to rethink and modernize within your space? Or do you just need accurate floor plans so that you can make your own design? We have packages to cover all of these options or we can meet with you and create a customized plan that works with your ideas.

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Furniture is about so much more than function these days. Not only does it need to keep your team productive, it needs to be ergonomic, comfortable, and it might even need to provide barriers for Covid-19 protocols. The good news is, there are so many products that do all of this and more, adding a whole new level of style to your office.

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We helped KOTT Lumber shift from a compartmentalized and inefficient old-school office to a bright, productive, and modern take on the lumber business. Glass panelled walls blend open concept with private offices without disrupting the expansive feel. Within this contemporary framework, KOTT stayed true to who they are with feature elements of wood and a mural that hints at the homes and communities they help to build.

Treefrog Inc.

Treefrog is a marketing agency that searched for years to find a new home for its growing business. They finally found it in a former car dealership that was transformed into a bright, airy space, friendly to function and Frogs alike. Custom millwork creates separation without closing it in and unique light fixtures help keep the bright ideas coming. Their signature green keeps it fresh as their company evolves.


In a space surrounded by views of downtown Toronto, you need to maximize the view and the workspace. Leveraging the character of existing architectural details, we incorporated the angular lines and bright colour of their brand. Acoustic features above the boardroom table and in bright dividers are attractive and functional. From the central lunch room to the privacy of the furniture phone booths, it meets their every need.

Design with Covid in Mind

Covid-19 has changed the way that most companies (of all sizes) think about the way they do business. Not the least of this is how workplaces are set up to allow for social distancing and to create physical barriers for upgraded health and safety.
But a beautiful design can still be maintained and the changes you make today can be an investment for the future. Furniture suppliers have incorporated barriers seamlessly into existing furniture, and we’re here to help rethink your layout. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Studio Forma has the unique ability to reach into the nebulous place where function meets beauty, capture excellence and then deliver quickly and on time. Resilient and industrious, they make the impossible happen, repeatedly. They have a way of getting client satisfaction where it looked to be impossible – all the while making sure that they get what they need, not just what they think they want.”

— Sean Stephens, CEO, Treefrog

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