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Home is our safe place, our happy place, our favourite place, and now even our office space. Your home needs to suit you and your family. Great design not only makes it look beautiful, but it can also help to make your life more efficient.
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A Home Needs to

Be unique to you and your style with materials and furnishings that suit your lifestyle

Be organized with storage that finds a place for everything

Have a good flow that makes sense for your life

Have flexibility to create office, study, and workout spaces as needed

Have layers of lighting for different purposes and aesthetics

Leverage your windows for natural light and to bring the outdoors in

Last and evolve for years to come

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Designing Your Home

At Studio Forma Interior Design, we focus on using Scandinavian design principles and characteristics which include:

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Studio Forma has the unique ability to reach into the nebulous place where function meets beauty, capture excellence and then deliver quickly and on time. Resilient and industrious, they make the impossible happen, repeatedly. They have a way of getting client satisfaction where it looked to be impossible – all the while making sure that they get what they need, not just what they think they want.”

— Sean Stephens, CEO, Treefrog

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