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Newmarket, ON


16 Weeks



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500 Sq Ft


Nestled in the heart of the Magna Centre in Newmarket, ON, This Little Cafe (TLC) stands as a beacon of warmth and community spirit in the bustling urban landscape. Born from the vision of its owners during the unprecedented times of the pandemic, TLC has transformed from its origins as a Timothy’s coffee shop into a distinctive brand that resonates with charm and character. At Studio Forma Interior Design, we were privileged to collaborate with the TLC team, embarking on a journey to craft a space that epitomizes friendliness, creativity, and a deep-rooted connection to the local community. Our mission was to design an environment that not only serves as a haven for coffee enthusiasts but also as a vibrant gathering place that welcomes visitors of all ages. Through a harmonious blend of timeless aesthetics and playful touches, we aimed to create a setting where every detail contributes to an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity, making This Little Cafe a beloved local business poised for enduring success.

Our Goal

Foster a Sense of Community and Belonging: Recognizing the importance of community, our primary goal was to create a space that not only serves as a coffee shop but also as a communal hub. We aimed to design an environment that encourages interactions among visitors, fostering a sense of belonging and support for local endeavors. By incorporating elements that promote communal seating and open spaces, we envisioned TLC as a place where conversations flow as freely as the coffee served.

Create a Timeless Yet Playful Aesthetic: Our intention was to blend a timeless aesthetic with playful elements to craft a unique atmosphere that appeals to all age groups. This involved a careful selection of color schemes, materials, and decor that convey warmth and friendliness while maintaining a chic and sophisticated vibe. The goal was to strike a balance between a cozy, inviting space and a vibrant, energetic environment that stimulates creativity and joy.

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Logo and Branding

The TLC logo and branding, with its whimsical font and vibrant colors, encapsulate the cafe's friendly, cute, and family-oriented essence, inviting customers into a joyful experience through cohesive design elements across packaging, signage, and online presence.


The interior design of TLC, with its emphasis on natural materials, soft lighting, and cozy seating, creates an ambiance akin to an inviting living room, enriched by local art and greenery to foster a warm, community-focused atmosphere. Our design approach not only enhances the aesthetic and sensory experience but also supports local artists and businesses, embodying our dedication to community and comfort.


The design and brand development for This Little Cafe were meticulously planned and executed to reflect the owners’ vision and the community’s needs. By focusing on creating a space that is inviting, playful, and supportive of local businesses, we have helped establish TLC as a cherished destination in the Magna Centre in Newmarket, ON. We are honored to have contributed to this project and are excited to witness its continued success and impact on the community.

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This Little Cafe (TLC) is a charming coffee shop that has quickly become a staple in the Magna Centre in Newmarket, ON. Originally a Timothy’s coffee shop, the owners saw an opportunity during the pandemic to create their own brand, and This Little Cafe was born. Our team was thrilled to work with the TLC team to create a friendly, cute, and family-oriented look and feel that would appeal to visitors of all ages. We aimed to develop a timeless aesthetic with little pops of fun, all while promoting local businesses in the area. The end result was a cohesive design concept and brand development that perfectly encapsulated TLC’s vision. From the playful logo to the warm and welcoming interior design, every detail was carefully chosen to create a space where customers feel at home and can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. We are proud to have played a part in bringing This Little Cafe to life, and we look forward to seeing it continue to thrive as a beloved local business in the community.

“Don’t know where to start! Stephanie and her team are shinning 5 rock stars. First thing I am a business owner in Newmarket which has been closed due COViD since March of 2020. When the opportunity came up to reopen we needed to re-brand and renovate. Studio Forma was super easy to connect with, plus fast and efficient responding to my email inquiry within 24 hours. Stephanie walked me through the whole process in her initial consultation. After that when I chose to hire her to rebrand & design new look and renovations of our location which she is very familiar with Newmarket business section. Her whole team was extremely friendly but most importantly super efficient, professional and passionate about their work. Plus extremely supportive of a small & local business. Enjoyed working with them all, completely stress free! Best money ever spent. Not only did they listen to me they took all my ideas into consideration and created me a fabulous new design! Stephanie & her team design a perfect new concept & brand. I would not hesitate to use Studio Forma again.” – Robin Groves, Owner, TLC

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