Solutions 360

Solutions 360 is a tech company that outgrew its space and required a larger, more open flexible office that could house events, training, and their team’s day-to-day work. They found a loft style environment that fit the bill, and we worked with them to take the single unit and divide it into two separate spaces, one upstairs and one down with an elevator to connect them.

Some of the spaces we designed include a variety of work environments from open workstations to private offices and a key large boardroom that fits the whole team and is perfect for training. There’s even a gaming area for the programmers to use after hours.

The brand for this innovative company blends energetic yellow with the bold contrast of black, and it inspired us to create some unique feature walls. We used large custom-designed rings for one of these accents, mounting the rings in uniform rows before painting the entire wall their trademark yellow. In contrast, we leveraged the black with complementary greys and white for an abstract mural. The effect is a point of interest around every corner!

Glass partitions opened up the feel of the office while sharing around the natural light. These glass walls also create ideal sightlines for the vibrant features throughout the office, ensuring the brand reaches everywhere.

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