Solutions 360

Project Details

Building Type



Newmarket, ON


24 Weeks


Office Design Tech

Footage/ Floors

10,000 Sq Ft 


Solutions 360, a dynamic tech company on the rise, sought a larger, more adaptable office space to support their evolving needs, from daily operations to hosting events and training sessions. Studio Forma collaborated closely with them, transforming a loft-style location into two distinct yet interconnected areas via a central elevator, optimizing functionality and fostering collaboration.

Our Goal

Studio Forma’s goal for the project was to craft a multifaceted workspace that caters to diverse work styles while reflecting Solutions 360’s brand identity. This involved creating various work environments, from open workstations to private offices, alongside a spacious boardroom tailored for team training. Additionally, recognizing the importance of relaxation and team bonding, a dedicated gaming area was integrated into the design.

Solutions 360 Office Interior Design


Drawing inspiration from Solutions 360's vibrant yellow and bold black brand colors, Studio Forma implemented unique feature walls to infuse personality and visual intrigue into the space. One standout feature includes custom-designed rings mounted in uniform rows against a yellow backdrop, while another wall boasts an abstract mural in black, gray, and white, enhancing the office's aesthetic appeal and brand coherence.

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions were strategically employed to enhance the office's spaciousness and promote natural light flow while ensuring the brand's visibility from every angle. The seamless integration of these elements not only fulfills Solutions 360's functional requirements but also aligns with their brand ethos, resulting in a workspace that inspires productivity and fosters creativity.


Throughout the collaborative process with Solutions 360, Studio Forma thoroughly enjoyed translating the client’s vision into reality, leveraging innovative design solutions to meet their unique needs. The successful completion of the project not only underscores the effectiveness of the partnership but also stands as a testament to the mutual dedication to excellence and creativity.

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Solutions 360

Solutions 360, a growing tech company, needed a larger, more open and flexible office to accommodate events, training, and the day-to-day work of their team. They found a loft-style space that was ideal, and Studio Forma worked with them to divide it into two separate areas, connected by an elevator. The design included a range of work environments, from open workstations to private offices and a large boardroom that can accommodate the entire team for training. We also added a gaming area for the programmers to use during off-hours. The brand colors of Solutions 360 are a vibrant yellow and bold black, which inspired us to create some unique feature walls. For one wall, we designed large custom rings, which were mounted in uniform rows before painting the entire wall yellow. In contrast, we used black, gray, and white to create an abstract mural on another wall. These feature walls add points of interest throughout the office. Glass partitions were used to open up the space and allow for natural light to flow through the office. These partitions also provide ideal sightlines for the vibrant features throughout the office, ensuring the brand is visible from all angles.

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