Ray Twinney Recreational Complex

The Ray Twinney Complex in Newmarket is a beloved multi-purpose recreational facility that has been serving the community since 1985. As an older building, it was in need of updates to keep up with the times and continue to offer an excellent experience for visitors.

Our team was thrilled to help with several areas of the complex, including the main Lobby, 2 lounges, new pool family change room, and several washrooms. Our main goal was to create a fun and happy atmosphere, making the complex an enjoyable place to be for visitors of all ages.

Despite needing to work within a lower budget, we were able to bring these spaces to life through the wonderful medium of paint. By choosing bright and cheerful colors, we were able to create a welcoming atmosphere that appeals to families and people of all ages.

Overall, our team is proud to have played a part in updating this beloved community space, and we’re confident that the new updates will continue to bring joy to visitors for years to come.

Ray Twinney Entrance

Ray Twinney Family Change room

Ray Twinney Lounge #1

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