Buchner Manufacturing

Project Details

Building Type



Pefferlaw, ON


36 Weeks


Retail and Office Design

Footage/ Floors

2000 Sq Ft 


When Buchner Manufacturing, a leader in high-quality exterior building products, sought to revitalize their Pefferlaw office, they entrusted Studio Forma Interior Design with the ambitious task. Their vision was clear: to create a space that not only mirrored their robust brand identity but also enhanced functionality for their team and showroom visitors. Studio Forma embraced this challenge, delivering a design solution that seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

Our Goal

Studio Forma’s approach was holistic, focusing on achieving a balance between modern aesthetics and operational efficiency. The goals were multifaceted:

Reflect Buchner Manufacturing’s Brand Identity: The design needed to resonate with the company’s strong market presence, showcasing a sleek, modern look that aligns with their reputation for quality and innovation.

Optimize Space Utilization: Given the limited space, it was crucial to maximize functionality without compromising on style or the overall flow of the office.

Enhance Customer and Employee Experience: Creating a welcoming environment for visitors and a productive workspace for the team was paramount, ensuring that both could thrive in a cohesive setting.

Buchner Manufacturing Retail Design and Office Design

Zoned Layout

Studio Forma's strategic zoning of the office efficiently accommodates diverse user needs, from contractors to visitors, with designated areas like a customer service desk for immediate contractor assistance and an organized showroom for homeowners, optimizing space utility and flow.

Custom Furniture

Studio Forma tailored the Buchner team's workspace with custom solutions like ergonomic desks and dedicated lunch areas, enhancing workflow and brand identity through modern lighting and furniture.


Through these features, Studio Forma Interior Design not only met Buchner Manufacturing’s initial objectives but also created a workspace that is both inspiring and highly functional. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design can transform office environments, fostering productivity and satisfaction among employees and visitors alike.

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Buchner Manufacturing

Buchner Manufacturing is dedicated to providing high-quality exterior building products, including siding, roofing, and windows. When the time came to update their bustling Pefferlaw office, they turned to Studio Forma for help in optimizing their relatively small space. They wanted a sleek, modern aesthetic that reflected their strong brand identity, while still maintaining functionality for both showroom visitors and their behind-the-scenes team members. Our team worked closely with Buchner Manufacturing to achieve all of their goals, from the look and feel to practical functionality. By consolidating wherever possible, we were able to create clear zones within the space. Upon entry, the needs of both contractors and the public were prioritized, with customer service desks for contractors immediately visible and an organized showroom to the right for visitors focused on making choices for their homes and cottages. In addition to providing a welcoming environment for customers, we also installed workstations for the accounting team, along with storage and filing to support their workflow. Custom storage was created to blend the old and the new for the dot matrix printer feeds that were still in use. Storage was also maximized throughout the office for tools in the contractor area, filing, and office supplies. We also created a separate lunch area for the Buchner team, away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day operations. New lighting brightened up the space and modern, functional furniture was added with colorful splashes of red to support the Buchner brand. Height-adjustable workstations were installed for maximum flexibility and ergonomics. To ensure that the manager’s office provided needed privacy while still allowing sight lines into the lobby area, we carefully aligned the design with Buchner’s welcoming brand character. The result of this thoughtful planning and renovation is a clean, modern, and cohesive design that works seamlessly for both customers and employees.

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