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Buchner Manufacturing provides exterior building products such as siding, roofing, and windows. When it came time to update their busy Pefferlaw office, they needed help making the most of the relatively small space. They wanted to update the aesthetic and show strong brand representation, but the office also needed to be functional in multiple ways.

The space serves as a showroom with many types of materials on display, while also welcoming both contractors and the general public. They also needed functional workspaces for all the behind-the-scenes team members to do their work, including IT and accounting.

All of these goals, from the look and feel to the practical functionality, were achieved by consolidating wherever possible. Achieving them also involved creating clear zones. Upon entry, the two priorities were for the contractors and the public since their needs differ. Customer service desks for the contractors are the first thing that greets visitors, while just off to the right is a more organized showroom for people focused on making choices for their homes and cottages.

To keep the rest of the organization functioning optimally, we installed workstations or the accounting team, along with all of the filing and storage needed for their records and workflow. Where dot matrix printer feeds were still needed, we blended the old and the new with custom storage to support the machinery and the paper feeds. Storage was maximized throughout the office, whether for tools in the contractor area, filing, or office supplies. 

To further improve the environment for the Buchner team, we also created a separate lunch area, away from the hustle of the day-to-day operations. New lighting brightens everyone’s day, and all of the new furniture is modern, bright, and functional, with colourful splashes of red to support the Buchner brand. Height-adjustable workstations also maximize flexibility and ergonomics.

In alignment with Buchner’s welcoming brand character, the manager’s office provides needed privacy while still having sight lines into the lobby area to ensure every visitor gets the support they need. 

The result of all of this planning and renovation is a clean, functional, modern, and cohesive design that works for customers and employees alike.

Photo Credit: contactquinnm@gmail.com

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