Powell Contracting

Powell Contracting leads the industry in road construction. Their office space was highly compartmentalized in a maze of desks and offices, so it needed to be opened up while still allowing for plenty of privacy when required.

New workstations were installed with partitions that allowed for more privacy for individuals at their desks, and acoustic solutions were strategically placed to further ensure proper work spaces within the new open concept.

Private meeting rooms were created, as well as breakout areas for more spontaneous meetings and collaborations.

In addition to using Powell’s brand colours throughout the space, concrete and rebar partitions were added to section off work areas in a way that pays tribute to their work in a fun and interesting way. A map of Toronto was used to create a graphic feature wall in the lunch room and another feature of road-sign-like yellow and black stripes in the stairwell reflects their long tradition of quality road work.

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