King Cole Ducks

King Cole Ducks – a multi-generation family business and Ontario’s leading farm-to-fork duck producer – have transitioned to a new 13,000 sq. ft. office complex and farm-fresh store located on the company’s main farm property in Stouffville, ON. The new building combines a farm-fresh store, gourmet presentation kitchen, corporate offices and boardroom. Located on the lower level is a new home for the farm production team including a lab, space for veterinary staff, a galley kitchen and event space for up to 180 people.

The design incorporates natural finishes reflecting the company’s commitment to natural farming. Rustic modern aesthetics permeate an open floor plan with modern furniture, polished concrete floors, reclaimed barnwood with blackened steel, and exposed architectural elements which suit the company’s dynamic and progressive profile.

The greatest challenge was to design space for staff transitioning from a cramped compartmental office building to a ten times larger open, airy office space. We were working closely with them to understand their individual tasks and working styles and translated them into the larger scale new space work zones. One of the objectives was to design workspace using aesthetically pleasing materials that would be concurrently durable and practical for the farm environment. In addition, our task was to facilitate a retail store adjacent to the office space on the main floor and create a  layout that ensures a separation between the public retail space and the office section of the building. The main floor office space has a central open area with private offices and a small boardroom surrounding it. The design feature that excited our clients most, is a sepia canvas wall mural illustrating the original family farm property. The mural was installed in the open area furnished with modern workstations and with its nostalgic tone it creates a bridge between the old and the new. The workstation themselves are finished with real wood veneer (in addition to clean white laminate) to emphasize the sentimental and vintage atmosphere of the space. The hallmark of the retail space is its central demo kitchen equipped with all necessities for chef’s demonstrations of fine duck dishes. The familiarity of the rustic wood and warmth of the red in the kitchen millwork creates a perfect inviting background for tasting, gatherings or cooking demonstrations.

Located on the lower level spacious boardroom with its state of the art audiovisuals, branded wall coverings and the adjacent servery is what the King Cole Ducks staff gets complimented for the most at their various events and business gatherings.

The remainder of the lower level houses the farm production facilities which is why the selection of the finishes is more rural-inspired. That is reflected in reclaimed wood wall finish, corrugated steel wall cladding or a wall divider constructed of old shipping pallets.

The production area also includes a small vet office and a lab finished with proper specialty materials including antimicrobial surfaces.

Needless to say, once you enter the new King Cole Duck Store, it’s obvious You’ve got to try the duck!

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