Project Details

Building Type



Toronto, ON


20 Weeks


Office Design

Footage/ Floors

2000 Sq Ft 


Nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, ERG Mining’s office suite stands as a testament to Studio Forma Interior Design’s unparalleled expertise and creativity. This project presented a unique challenge: to craft an interior space that not only complements but enhances the breathtaking panoramic views of the city. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence, we embarked on a journey to create an environment that embodies the essence of ERG Mining while setting a new standard for office design.

Our Goal

Our vision for ERG Mining was to create a space that reflects the company’s core values and its connection to the natural world. The goals were clear:

Showcase Natural Beauty: To pay tribute to ERG Mining’s roots in the mining industry, it was imperative to incorporate elements that evoke the beauty and richness of the earth. Our aim was to create a space where natural materials not only tell a story but also foster a deep sense of connection to the environment.

Foster Innovation and Productivity: Understanding the dynamic nature of ERG Mining’s work, we aimed to design a space that promotes creativity, collaboration, and efficiency. Each area within the office is purposefully crafted to support the diverse needs of the team, from focused work to collaborative brainstorming sessions.

ERG Mining Interior Design and Office design

Custom Millwork​

Our approach to the interior design of ERG Mining's suite began with the foundation—custom millwork. These elements serve as a canvas, setting the stage for a sophisticated and cohesive aesthetic. The custom millwork, with its precise craftsmanship, adds a layer of elegance and warmth, while the flooring solutions ensure durability and visual appeal.

Natural Elements

ERG Mining was the integration of natural elements—wood, metal, and stone. This strategic choice not only honours the company's connection to mining but also introduces textures and colours that enrich the space. The use of these materials creates a dialogue between the interior and the panoramic views outside, reinforcing the relationship between the built environment and the natural world.


The ERG Mining suite is more than just an office; it’s a carefully orchestrated collection of spaces designed to cater to every aspect of the workday. The relaxing lounge area offers a retreat for contemplation and rejuvenation, while the coffee area provides a casual space for collaboration and connection. Private offices and an elegant boardroom facilitate focused work and high-level discussions, and the open workstations are designed for flexibility and creativity.


The transformation of ERG Mining’s office suite is a testament to Studio Forma’s commitment to excellence and innovation in interior design. By blending custom craftsmanship with natural beauty, and functional spaces with sophisticated aesthetics, we have created a workspace that not only meets the needs of ERG Mining but also sets a benchmark for office design. Experience the unmatched blend of sophistication and practicality that we, at Studio Forma, are proud to present.

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ERG Mining

Step into ERG Mining, an exquisite suite situated in the most prestigious and coveted building in downtown Toronto. With breathtaking panoramic views that never cease to amaze, the challenge was to create an interior that could rival its stunning surroundings. At Studio Forma, we rose to the occasion by incorporating custom millwork, state-of-the-art flooring, contemporary furniture, and innovative materials to create an interior that truly complements the extraordinary view. As a mining company, it was essential for ERG Mining to showcase the beauty of natural elements. We meticulously integrated wood, metal, and stone to pay homage to the company’s roots while crafting a refined and modern atmosphere. Our thoughtful design includes a variety of functional spaces to cater to every need. With a relaxing lounge area, a well-equipped coffee area, private offices, an elegant boardroom, and open workstations, this space offers the perfect balance of form and function for a thriving workspace. Experience the unmatched blend of sophistication and practicality that Studio Forma has brought to life at ERG Mining.

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