Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, with a distinguished legacy of over 160 years, has consistently served as the prominent advocate for businesses in the Newmarket region. While we take great pride in our rich history, our unwavering focus remains on future-oriented endeavors.

Having operated from a repurposed train station for several years, their  office necessitated a revitalization to invigorate the atmosphere and foster a greater sense of community. By employing branding colours that effectively capture the Chamber’s dynamic essence, we successfully imbued the meeting room and entrance with a warm and inviting ambiance. Mindful of both our budgetary and ecological considerations, we opted for a cost-effective and environmentally conscious approach by revamping the existing cabinets and tables to achieve a more contemporary appearance. Additionally, we commissioned the creation of new cabinetry for the kitchen, incorporating elegant hardware for a refined touch. The predominant focus on painting within the space serves as a testament to our design philosophy. To further enhance the bespoke character that aligns with our brand identity, custom murals, installations and details were created.

Overall, these strategic updates have seamlessly transformed their meeting space into a space that exudes professionalism and cultivates a unique sense of belonging.

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