The Future Of Workplace Design After Covid-19

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As we all planned to move our businesses forward in 2020, we couldn’t have imagined how anything could stop us in our tracks as thoroughly as Covid-19 has. Who could have believed we would almost instantly find ourselves in a world where we would have to shut down our offices and adapt to work-from-home business models? 

As leaders, we’ve had to think on our feet, be innovative, and pivot every day as we try to fathom the impact of all of this on our companies, our economy, and how we will work in the future. 

Redesigning your office may not be something you were planning on tackling this year and the concept of design may seem trivial with everything you have to consider right now. But the reality is that we all need to re-think how we space and place people in our workplaces to meet new health and safety requirements.

Adjusting your existing environment to the “new normal” is possible and you may find some great ideas that ultimately make your workspace and your business better. Here are some ways to adjust and plan for the future. 

Times are tough for a lot of businesses so it’s important to consider what is the best investment you can make now that will stand the test of time. Since we don’t know exactly how the work world will level out after Covid-19, it’s best to do what you need to do now to keep your staff safe and your doors open without being too fixed on one point in time.

Flexible spaces are more important than ever now. Rather than fixed construction that locks you into a given setup of desks and workstations, focus on modularity and flexibility within your office. You may need to be constantly optimizing workspaces as we all figure out the best way to work well and safely. 

There are lots of ways to reduce the density of desks and people within your office that will still be a practical use of your space and an enjoyable environment for your team. You can set up your workstations in a checkerboard configuration and create creative barriers using artwork and other elements. Barriers can also be set up to create private workspaces for individuals.

Using creative ideas to create safe environments will help to raise the bar on what it means to work in an office. Innovation can be key to enticing your workers out of their homes and back into an environment where they can appreciate collaborating with their colleagues and still feel protected. Of course, it’s also important to implement and encourage new behavioural norms as well when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing personal workspaces, shared spaces like kitchens and washrooms, and the use of masks where appropriate.

One important investment can benefit your business long after Covid-19 is behind us. Air filtration systems will not only add to the sense of security for your team, but it will keep your office environment fresher for a more alert and productive workforce.

Talk to us about the best ways you can work within your existing assets and enhance as needed to adapt to the new normal.

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