Health and Safety

New normal. New solutions. Return to work in a safe office that’s still a creative workspace.

We need to rethink our spaces to create a purposeful space.

  • Barriers and Guards
  • Workstation Shields
  • Countertop Clear Safety
  • De-densify workstations
  • Add sanitation caddies and stands for wipes and hand sanitizer in every work area
  • Create checkerboard layout for workstations
  • Assign lockers, pedestals or storage cabinets to individuals to separate personal items.
  • Create clean desk policies that allow surfaces to be properly cleaned daily and update facility maintenance contracts to ensure these steps are taken. 
  • Remove seats at shared tables and in conference rooms to give people additional personal space.
  • Remove trash cans from individual desks and replace then with a communal location that consolidates sanitation. 
  • Replace fabrics with antimicrobial vinyl, crypton or copper infused textiles.
  • Limit technology sharing. Provide technology and accessories ( mouse, keyboard, headset) to each individual. 
  • Install voice activation or hands-free controls that reduce the need to contact commonly touched items.
  • Hands free tools include, Lighting, sensor activated faucets, toilets, paper towel, hand dryers. Water dispensers, smart window shades.
  • Increase humidity levels to 40 to 60 percent to reduce infection. Use portable humidifiers if the HVAC system doesn’t allow for this. 
  • Improve air filtration, circulation and ventilation. 

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