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Office layouts have evolved from standard cubicles to open-concept workspaces, and now we’re heading back to a more balanced approach. There was something bright and shiny about the idea of open offices and the sense of “escaping” the traditional cubicle or private office, but it came with its own set of challenges, including increased noise and decreased focus.

The latest in office design planning aims to combine the best aspect of these extremes while incorporating innovative new ideas. Deciding on the best way to partition your office depends on what you need and your budget, and fortunately, there are a lot of creative options to accomplish a variety of goals. You can combine these products in many ways to create an efficient office that also looks great and is on brand for your business.

In the Zone

Striking the right balance between privacy and openness is best achieved with zones. Examples of this might include a grouping of desks with minimal on-desk partitions, quiet rooms for focused work sprints, meeting rooms, and soft seating areas for collaboration and socialization. 

While the furniture itself will help define these areas, using one or more partition styles can help to create clear pathways and define departments or groupings within your business. Depending on what you choose, you can leverage these dividers to help manage sound, maximize health and safety, and make the environment more pleasant for everyone. They can even become key feature walls that add interest.


Managing sound has gone beyond standard acoustic tile ceilings. While you may also have that, there are now a variety of acoustic panels in a wide variety of colours, designs, and sizes that allow them to be incorporated seamlessly into your design. 

You can suspend a panel to divide two areas and still keep sight lines open with a decorative pattern. For even more versatility, a louvered and moveable partition can be customized to your brand while allowing you to move it around and open or close the slats as needed for increased privacy and sound absorption.

Clearly a Beautiful Choice

Glass walls or partitions are a great way to define any number of spaces, particularly meeting rooms and private offices. They let light in and allow for clear sight lines, but with doors and a certain amount of sound blocking, they are a great way to define the rooms that need it without closing everything in.

On a smaller scale, glass or plexiglass partitions can be attached to many desk surfaces or cubicle walls to provide added health and safety protection for your team.


Plants can offer so many benefits in a work environment. They make the space welcoming and comfortable, and live plants also help to clean the air. Whether you use a planter with clean lines of greenery or a multicoloured live moss wall installation, plants do double duty, if not more, providing partitions, fresh air, and a more human-friendly space.

Brand and Design Impact

Speaking of multi-tasking, we can help you customize almost any partition solution to complement your interior design and your brand. Whether you’re looking for something that blends in or stands out, make your partitions unforgettable with colour, style, and placement.

Need to set some boundaries for the zones in your workspace? Let’s talk. We have all kinds of ideas for creative partition solutions.

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