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A moveable acoustic partition for optimal flexibility in your office

Flexibility is the name of the game in business, so it should be part of your office design too. You need to allow your team to grow and evolve, which can be tricky if you’re locked into a fixed cubicle structure. On the flip side, an entirely open office has its own challenges with noise and distraction.

If only there were an innovative alternative to cubicles or a supplement to an open office concept. There is! The Switch louvered acoustic partition provides privacy and sound absorption with exceptional adaptability for your business from day to day and in future growth. 

What Is It?

The Switch is the first lightweight and moveable free-standing louvered partition. It’s easy to move around according to your needs, and with fourteen colour choices available, it can be customized to blend in or to stand out and support your brand. 

What’s It Made Of?

The material itself is a beautiful acoustic felt that is very effective in absorbing sound. This PET material is a form of polyester, and it’s comprised of about 60% recycled water bottles (hello, sustainability!). The way it’s woven and compressed makes the centre strong while the outer appearance and feel are soft, allowing it to absorb sound rather than bouncing it around the room. For all its strength, it remains lightweight and has a long life cycle. It has a zero formaldehyde emission too, and it’s moisture resistant and fire retardant.

Why Should You Use Switch Panels?

There are a few key benefits to these panels: flexibility, privacy, and acoustics management.

Flexibility & Privacy

What makes this partition so versatile is the uniqueness of the concept, created by Studio Forma’s principal designer, Stephanie Uprichard. The louvered panels let you control privacy and sound. You can close the panels for optimal sound blocking or open them up for better sight lines and light while still keeping some of the acoustic benefits.

You can also configure the Switch panels however you need them in the moment. Pair two closed panels around a corner desk, and you have an instant cubicle. A partition beside each desk in a row can create a hallway where there wasn’t one before, allowing people to travel through the office without disrupting the workers. Need an impromptu meeting space? Line up as many Switch panels as you need for the walls of an instant meeting room.

Those are just a few of the possibilities off the top of our heads. The bottom line is that you control when and where you need partitions rather than letting fixed cubicles control your office space. And if you’re strategically laying out your office in zones, Switch will make your life much easier.

Acoustics Management

Staying focused and productive at work is important, but not everyone thrives with the same amount of noise and distraction. For those needing a quieter environment, a Switch panel placed strategically might be the perfect solution. In an open office where sound bounces around, these decorative panels can be placed as needed to help absorb sound generally throughout the office.

Achieve your office goals for privacy and sound management with the stylish and beautiful Switch partition. 

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