Jay Miller’s Meeting Room

Jay Miller Real Estate Brokerage is a thriving real estate agency located in Newmarket, Ontario. The team’s leader and Marketing Director acquired a storefront space as an addition to their existing second-floor office and envisioned it as a versatile, multipurpose area for both internal team meetings and community events, aptly named The Meeting Room. The space was also designed to include two small meeting rooms.

The finished Meeting Room is an airy and welcoming hangout space, complete with a small, modern reception desk, easily movable tables and chairs, a large projector screen, and an unpretentious yet chic kitchenette designed to accommodate both socials and daily staff use. The owner’s son even added a personal touch to the space by writing “The Meeting Room” in chalk above the servery counter.

At the back of The Meeting Room are two glass-walled meeting rooms, washrooms, and a copy room/storage area, primarily used by agents and their clients for confidential transactions. Special acoustic ceiling tiles were used in this area to ensure additional privacy.

The Meeting Room’s industrial finishes perfectly reflect the casual character and purpose of the space. The corrugated steel wall cladding, pipe-legged kitchenette table, and polished concrete floor are balanced by the warmth of brick and wood featured on the other walls. The modern color scheme, featuring bold and saturated black, red, and yellow, adds to the overall branding of the vibrant and distinctive Jay Miller Real Estate Brokerage in the region.

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