Complete Control Automation

Complete Control Automation

The space was initially closed off and lacked natural light. The company wanted a bright and open space, and the transformation was accomplished using the company’s brand colors of red and yellow.

The new design features glass partitions that allow natural light to flow into the space, and modern lighting that enhances the brightness of the office. The use of unique elements adds to the distinctive feel of the office, making it memorable.

Visitors are greeted with a view of the boardroom, which features beautiful glass walls and a striking feature wall with red circles that reflect the circular light fixtures. A timber wall adds warmth to the modern design.

The kitchen is a bright and warm yellow, balanced by black perforated PVC wall panels that continue the circular motif. Linear lights overhead and acoustic baffles in yellow, grey, and black manage sound while adding a beautiful point of interest.

The open work areas and glass-walled private offices share the same open feel, creating a workspace that is comfortable, enjoyable, and productive. Overall, the office design successfully meets Complete Control Automation’s vision of a bright, open, and memorable workspace.

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