What our clients are saying

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to work with amazing clients. Every new project we meet such great, creative, energetic and enthusiastic people. Here are a few of the wonderful things some of our clients have said about us.

“We hired your company on a recommendation from one of our existing clients. I contacted you as I wanted to update the look of our office to be more efficient, bright and more functional. We also wanted to make room for additional staff. Since we operate in an old building in Newmarket, I knew any design or construction could become challenging. Right from our first call, you patiently guided our team through the design process, the tendering process as well as the construction phase. Your attention to detail was amazing. You had patience as well as determination when it came to negotiating changes in the design with the contractors. Since we made a last minute decision to change the old boiler for a new forced-air gas furnace including air conditioning, the ducting which was not in the original design had to be incorporated and your ability to compromise between design and functionality was excellent. I also appreciated you were budget conscious, ensuring you would stay within the allocated budget. You went through great efforts to source supplies at a reduced price. You have designed a beautiful office for our staff. The office is bright, professional, functional and you also incorporated lots of branding into it. A big heartfelt thank you for all of your work. Both of you really became my “dream team”. I would highly recommend your company.”

— Danielle Fenn, BA, CAIB, CIP President

“I worked in an office designed and implemented by Studio Forma and it was a joy to spend my days in a space that was so well thought out. They considered not only how to best use the existing building for our needs, but also the human realities of the people who spent our days there. It was designed in alignment with the company’s brand and persona and it was beautifully done with lots of light and clean lines and creative ideas to make it unique.”

—- Andrea Gust

“Working on a design project with Stephanie from Studio Forma was a pure pleasure. She possesses a very rare combination of talent, experience and ambition, that it making her to stand-out in her field. Her exceptional design abilities and passion for design makes her an outstanding professional.”

— Martin Pitonak

“Studio Forma has the unique ability to reach into the nebulous place where function meets beauty, capture excellence and then deliver quickly and on time. Resilient and industrious, they make the impossible happen, repeatedly. They have a way of getting client satisfaction where it looked to be impossible – all the while making sure that they get what they need, not just what they think they want.”

— Sean Stephens, CEO, Treefrog

“I am now organized!  Studio Forma helped me to rearrange my classroom to make the space more efficient and welcoming. Just by changing around some furniture and a little bit of de-cluttering, everything now has a spot and there is so much more flow to the room. Having an organized environment for a classroom is a necessary component to student learning and success and Stephanie helped me to achieve this in my room. She even created a “green space” in the classroom, bringing the outside, in! I am very thankful for the knowledgeable staff at Studio Forma and am grateful for their ideas and help with the transformation of my learning environment! Thanks Studio Forma! My students thank you as well!”

— Gillian Cousineau, Rogers Public School

“Studio Forma have fantastic creative design ideas. They listen and work with you to create an environment that enhances your business environment and culture. Thanks for your help Studio Forma – Keep the good ideas rolling!”

— Jay Miller, Jay Miller Real Estate