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Stephanie had the pleasure of speaking at YRBiz Recovery Seminar Series – Configuring Your Offices for New Health & Safety Guidelines.
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The Future of Workplace Design after Covid-19
As we all planned to move our businesses forward in 2020, we couldn’t have imagined how anything could stop us in our tracks as thoroughly as Covid-19 has. Who could have believed we would almost instantly find ourselves in a world where we would have to shut down our offices and adapt to work-from-home business models? 

The “New Normal”  – Office Design
What does the new normal look like in offices?

The top 6 must-haves for your office space
Here’s what we have deemed the top 6 must-haves to increase efficiency, productivity, creativity, collaboration and retention in team members.

Lighting in your office space
In our last article, “The top 6 must-haves for your office space” we listed lighting as the first, most important must-have for an office space. Without proper lighting many ocular issues and even health problems can occur. It is critical that lighting be well thought through and considered in each space or area.

Your workspace environment
Transforming (modifying, altering, improving… ) your workspace environment is the most effective way to update your space.

Air in your office space
Air quality can be very difficult to control, especially when you are in a building that doesn’t have any operable windows to allow that fresh air flow. When you are indoors for 8-10 hours a day, you need good quality air, that helps your energy grow throughout the day. In an environment with poor air quality, adding toxins and pollutants to the air will cause stress, headaches or even respiratory problems.

How office furniture can change your business
Creating a beautiful office space has many benefits, and furniture is an easy and affordable way to work within your existing space to create a whole new experience for your team and your clients and visitor

Where to start with updating your office design
The thought of an office renovation is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. So where do you start? How to do you decide what level of renovation you want or need to do?

Should I relocate my office or renovate it?
You know when your office space isn’t working for you anymore. It may happen gradually or your business may experience rapid change or growth, but there comes a point when you know something’s gotta give.

The difference between designing and decorating your office
Whether you’re moving into a new office or you’ve decided it’s time to renovate the one you already have, you probably have ideas about how you want it to look and what you need from it as a business.