Barrier Ridge Capital

Barrier Ridge Capital’s offices share the same historic building as SR&E. This company has a distinct aesthetic that harmonizes the classic feel of the space with modern accents.

The entrance features Corten panels with rivets as well as the original blonde brick. The contemporary counterpoints to these elements include a clean-lined reception desk and a sleek LED light fixture.

Beyond the reception area, the office is divided into two areas. The left side leverages some of the fixtures from a previously existing restaurant, transforming into a sumptuous bar and entertaining area for corporate events. Comfortable yet elegant stools sit atop a customized tile feature where visitors can lean into the live edge bar.

The right section of the main floor is where the business operates. The executive offices are light and airy with mullioned interior glass walls and white brick facades, grounded with warm Corten panels, wooden beams, and linear light fixtures. 

Outside these offices is a dramatic wide hallway with wooden beams and large 4′ x 4′ floor tiles. The adjacent executive assistant areas have wooden paneling, height-adjustable desks, and plenty of storage. Additional private offices and a meeting room complete this floor.

Upstairs houses the managers’ offices where the large windows let in lots of natural light. The building’s concrete beams become architectural elements that add to the overall character. Large L-shaped height-adjustable desks allow lots of room to get the job done. Next door, the large boardroom seats more than a dozen. Rich blue and warm grey paint balance the dark, wide-plank flooring.

The basement has been put to good use as well with a commercial kitchen suitable for serving all of the upstairs events. Additional washrooms include glass showers and laundry facilities. Vertical blue tiles, wall-mounted sinks, and round mirrors add interest.

From top to bottom, Barrier Ridge Capital is a showcase space for corporate offices and entertaining.

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Safe Roads Engineering (SRE)

SRE found a home on the second storey of a historic commercial building that needed a complex renovation to meet their needs and achieve an exceptional aesthetic.

And what an aesthetic it is! The warm golden brick of the building and the textured wood facade as accent walls lend themselves to the history of the building. Clean, modern lines and the rich blue of SRE’s brand balance the effect. The open industrial ceiling and all the doors and trim are in black for a solid and grounding effect.

Height-adjustable workstations throughout the office are an attractive and ergonomic choice. The wood-like surfaces and lighter accents in the carpet tiles are perfect accents to the more foundational brick and wood. The open work areas on both sides of the building are tied together with a custom and continuous linear light. 

In one of the meeting rooms, acoustic baffles carry the colour palette while adding interest and providing practical sound absorption. The main meeting room faces south to catch the light and contains an imposing table.

The many private and flex offices are further extensions of the design, including additional linear light fixtures and acoustic baffles suspended from the open ceiling. Their glass partitions give them an open feel and provide natural light along with the quiet needed for focused work.

This showcase office is tied together in every element. This office blends the old and the new for an impressive and unforgettable workspace.

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