Howland Green Homes

Howland Green is a development company focused on constructing net-zero green buildings. Studio Forma was fortunate enough to help them design their flagship building, including the Howland Green Homes offices within. We worked on all of the public-facing spaces within this innovative business centre, realizing the client’s vision for a neutral and traditional aesthetic.

The main foyer of the building is a bright two-storey space where wood panels frame the elevator. You can also choose the tiled staircase to venture up to the second floor, where you get a closer look at the unique light fixtures.

When you enter the Howland Green offices, the reception desk is a welcoming feature with clean lines and multiple finishes. The boardroom, showroom, and offices layer lighting with circular suspended lights and wall sconces. Frosted glass partitions provide privacy in the individual offices while letting light into the central areas.

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