Fenn and Fenn Insurance

Fenn & Fenn Insurance needed an update to create a more vibrant, bright, inviting space. They operated on the lower level of a beautiful heritage house before but only 1 year after the main floor renovation,  it was time to expand into the upper level and make room for new staff and more growth.

The house was very compartmentalized, so we worked with the Fenn & Fenn team to plan a layout that works for their business workflow. We opened up the second floor to make room for both height-adjustable desks and partition-style workstations. Back on the main floor, we converted a closet into a welcoming waiting area.

Leveraging the shapes in the Fenn & Fenn logo, we incorporated a honeycomb theme throughout the office, in ways that were both subtle and overt. Downstairs, we used it in white acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling with unique lighting fixtures. In other areas, the light fixtures themselves carried this shape. The walls use the motif as well: in the white-on-white logo-based texture in the stairwell, mounted orange acoustic panels in the waiting area, coat hooks, and frosted glass panels.

The imagery carries on into the meeting with a custom mural that incorporates the logo into a graphic wallpaper effect. We even designed a one-of-a-kind five-sided boardroom table. The stained glass accents in the window and unique white chandelier complete the look.

Another standout element specially made for Fenn & Fenn is a high-backed bench in a private office, surrounded by storage and shelving. The vibrant fabric makes it an enticing feature that also helps to absorb sound.

We accented the space with complementary orange fabrics and accents to add energy to their blue brand colours. The added colour gives the space a modern feel while still respecting the more historic details such as the patterned tin ceilings.

Now that it’s completed, this old-world building has a new world look and ambiance!

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