Just need some office Furniture

You may already love your office space, but you need some updated furniture. Not only do today’s designs look great, but they’re also ergonomically designed for the health and wellbeing of your team, flexible in configuration to allow for collaboration and growth, and excellent at balancing open offices with privacy and acoustic management. All of these features can optimize your productivity while improving your office environment.

Having an interior designer work with you on your office furniture procurement has many advantages. While you may be keeping your existing space as is, we can look at it and see how the new furniture, as well as any updated lighting or acoustics, will interact with your space.

Put our expertise to work in choosing the right products and determining the best configuration of the furniture in your space. We’ll provide samples of colours for metal storage and laminate furniture, and we can even provide task chairs for you to try to make sure you get those that are just right for your team.

We can all visit the showroom together to see the furniture you’re buying, talking with their representatives directly and getting all your questions answered. Studio Forma will be there with you making sure that all your requests are included and considered.

We then work directly with the manufacturer to provide you a quote for the furniture requested. That direct relationship we have with them will save you both time and money. We review the order line-by-line and ensure every detail we discussed has been captured. We will manage and coordinate the order, delivery, and installation.

Through this entire process and after, if you ever have a question, contact us directly and we will make sure everything gets answered. After the installations, we come to review and test every piece to ensure there are no discrepancies. If there are, we will make sure they are resolved promptly.

As interior designers, we are meticulously detailed and want to make sure that everything is as it should be. We care about design, aesthetics, functionality, and accessories. We want to ensure what you are purchasing will work for you today and in the future. We can ensure the Ontario Building Code is followed in all the furniture placement and layout, and we are trained to know which fabrics and materials are best for the task at hand.

If you need any office, healthcare, or educational furniture, LED lighting, or acoustic solutions we can help you in all these areas and provide you with discounted pricing.

Let’s talk about how we can help you optimize your space with new office furniture and storage.

If you need design help too, check out our Complete Package or if your furniture is fine and you need help with redesigning around it, learn about our Design Only Package.

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