Donate Furniture in Toronto and Get a Tax Receipt —  Everything You Need to Know

Donating furniture can be a valuable way to contribute to your community and simplify your living space. If you’re planning to relocate, enhance your furniture collection, or contribute to a good cause, having the right knowledge about donation options in Toronto can have a substantial effect.

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of the process of donating furniture items in Toronto. It covers the importance of donating, the steps involved in donating, the various donation locations, and the subsequent handling of your donated items.

Discover the transformative power of giving back to your community through furniture donations in Toronto – every piece you donate can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.

Why Donate Furniture In Toronto?

Donating your furniture has a two-fold benefit: it provides support to people who need furniture but can’t afford it yet and contributes to waste reduction. 

Numerous individuals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) encounter difficulties such as homelessness or managing challenging circumstances. Donated furniture can be a crucial source of support for those looking for ways to rebuild their lives.

When you choose to donate your used furniture instead of throwing it away, you’re positively impacting the environment by preventing usable items from ending up in landfills.

Tax Benefits Of Donating Furniture

Donating furniture to registered charities can offer substantial tax benefits. By understanding and maximizing these tax benefits, you can fully reap the financial advantages of your charitable contributions while supporting worthy causes in your community.

Here are key points to consider:

Charitable Tax Deduction

You can typically claim a charitable tax deduction equal to the fair market value of donated furniture items.


Keep detailed records such as receipts, acknowledgment letters, or donation forms the charity provides. These documents are essential for substantiating your donation when filing your tax return.

Fair Market Value

Determine the fair market value of the donated furniture. This is usually the price that similar items would sell for in their current condition in the open market.

Tax Savings

Depending on your tax bracket and the value of the donated items, you may be eligible for significant tax savings. Charitable donations can reduce your taxable income, lowering overall tax liability.


Consult with a tax advisor or visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website for detailed guidelines on charitable donations and tax deductions. They can provide specific information tailored to your circumstances.


Ensure your donation is made within the tax year you intend to claim the deduction. Donations made after December 31st may be eligible for the subsequent tax year.

What Items Can You Donate?

You can donate your used furniture items like couches or sofas, dressers, coffee tables, mattresses, desks, kitchen tables, chairs, shelving units, bookshelves, and more. 

Many charitable institutions and organizations are happy to accept a variety of gently used furniture in good condition. As a donor, it’s also important to ensure the value of your furniture items. 

Whether it’s big or small furniture, it’s better if they are clean and functional before pickup for donation, as this enhances their usefulness to those who receive them.

Where Can You Donate Your Furniture In Toronto?

Giving your gently-used furniture a new home promotes sustainability and supports local people in need. Here are the places in Toronto where you can donate your used but not abused furniture pieces and participate in this wonderful cycle of giving. 

Furniture Bank

Furniture Bank is located at: 25 Connell Ct #1, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1E8, Canada

The Furniture Bank Toronto is a renowned non-profit organization and a social enterprise that provides gently used furnishings to families who are newcomers to Canada or those transitioning out of homelessness. They work to end furniture poverty and to turn empty rooms into pleasant homes by relocating furniture that might otherwise end up in landfills. You may drop off items at Furniture Bank’s place or request a free pickup. Aside from furnishings, they also provide training programs and services that create career opportunities for local citizens.

Red Door Family Shelter

Red Door Family Shelter is located at: 21 Carlaw Ave., Toronto, ON, M4M 2R6, Canada

The Red Door Family Shelter serves not only as a place to donate but also as a place of refuge for families in need and those facing homelessness or abuse. They are committed to assisting families and individuals in crises to restore their lives. Given their limited space, they seek monetary donations; however, furniture donations can be considered depending on the present needs. It’s better to contact them about furniture donations. They provide refuge, counseling, housing aid, and other assistance.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is located at: 1219 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N6, Canada

The Salvation Army Thrift Store gives many people hope. It is critical to the Salvation Army’s charitable activities since it funds its programs with sales revenue. They provide affordable household items and contribute to community projects and relief operations. You can donate directly to their stores or schedule a pickup in some areas. Aside from furniture, they have various commodities such as food and clothing, home goods, toys, etc.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is located at: 155 Bermondsey Rd, North York, ON M4A 1X9, Canada

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is more than just a store; it is vital to the organization’s goal. These stores sell both new and delicately used donated furniture items and other things. The earnings are used for home building projects. They provide many home improvement products, including furniture and appliances, while supporting sustainability and community development. You can drop off your furniture at any ReStore or schedule a pickup. Aside from furniture, they also provide building supplies, housewares, and appliances. 

JRCC Furniture Depot

JRCC Furniture Depot is located at: 1416 Centre St Unit 6, Thornhill, ON L4J 8A1, Canada

The JRCC Furniture Depot assists those with limited resources in settling down and creating a home by offering free furniture through its furniture donation initiative. Those who donate furniture can be proud that their nicely used furniture items will benefit people in need. The JRCC FD is a nonprofit organization providing free furniture to families and folks with furniture needs.

Value Village

Value Village is located at: 1319 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1P3, Canada

Value Village is a retail charity store recognized and liked by many for its extensive selection of reasonably priced secondhand things.It has a reputation for offering a wide variety of donated items, including clothing and furniture, and it donates its revenues to local charities.The most typical way to donate is to drop off your items directly at one of its shop locations. A large collection of apparel, books, toys, and furniture guarantees everything has a second life.

Just Junk

Just Junk is located at: 159-3219 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 2L3

Just Junk is a junk collection and furniture donation Toronto; they offer quick two-hour arrival times and free estimates with no pressure. The Just Junk furniture donation Toronto staff will do all of the work for you, from furniture pickup to lifting and transporting. So, if you’re looking to donate your still usable furniture, Just Junk will be there for you.


Goodwill is located at: 2837 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B 3S4, Canada

Goodwill Industries International operates thrift stores worldwide, selling donated goods to fund job training programs and employment services that empower individuals to achieve economic independence. Through its mission-driven approach, Goodwill transforms lives by providing opportunities for education, skills development, and career advancement.

The Yonge Street Mission

The Yonge Street Mission is located at: 306 Gerrard St. E, Toronto, ON, Ontario

Toronto’s Yonge Street Mission is pivotal in the community by accepting home furniture donations to support homeless and impoverished individuals and families. Through these fixture donations, the Mission furnishes homes and provides essential items to those in need, offering a path towards stability and hope in the heart of Toronto.

Things To Consider If You Want To Donate Furniture

When donating furniture, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure your contributions are valuable and beneficial.

Whether donating three furniture items or a whole household, thoughtful donations can significantly improve the lives of individuals and families in your community.

Here’s the ultimate guide to donating furniture to help you make the most of your furniture donations:

Condition of Furniture

Ensure the furniture is in good condition, gently used, and free from significant damage or wear and tear.


Thoroughly clean and sanitize the furniture before donating it to make it presentable and usable for the next owner.

Acceptable Items

Verify with the charity what types of furniture they accept to ensure your donation meets their needs and requirements.

Safety Standards

Ensure donated items, especially children’s furniture, meet current safety regulations to provide safe and reliable use for recipients.

Coordination with Charity

Contact the charity beforehand to confirm they accept donations and understand any specific guidelines or requirements.


If you don’t have the time to transport the furniture yourself, inquire if the charity offers pick-up services for more oversized items and if they will even pick up from your home service.


Request a charitable tax receipt for your donation for tax purposes, and keep a record of the items donated and their condition.

Local Needs

Consider the specific needs of your local community, as some charities may have a higher demand for certain types of furniture.

Additional Items

Include any necessary components, such as screws or assembly instructions, to ensure the furniture is fully functional and easy to use for the new owner.

List of Charities

To find the best place for your donation, check out our list of local charities that accept furniture and ensure your donation goes to a good cause.

Once you’ve donated your furniture at a drop-off bin near you, nonprofits typically inspect it for quality. Your donation helps those in need and promotes sustainable community development. Depending on their policies and needs, donated furniture may be:

Provided directly to families in need: Charities distribute items to individuals or families facing crises like homelessness or domestic violence.

Donation Process: What Happens After You Donate?

Sold at thrift stores: Many organizations operate these stores, selling donated furniture at affordable prices to fund charitable programs.

Used in community initiatives: Furniture supports projects like furnishing transitional housing or aiding social enterprises with job training.

Final Thoughts

Donating your used furniture in Toronto is a meaningful way to support your community and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Whether you schedule a pickup or drop-off of items at a local charity, your donation helps provide essential furniture to individuals and families in need.

By donating rather than discarding, you contribute to environmental sustainability and help build stronger, more resilient communities across the GTA.


Where can I donate gently used furniture in GTA?

You can donate to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Red Door Family Shelter, and JRCC Furniture Depot, which offer convenient drop-off locations or pickup services.

Do charities in Toronto provide pickup services for furniture donations?

Yes, many charities offer free pickup services. Contact the charity directly to schedule a pickup for your furniture donations.

How can I learn more about the impact of my donation?

Check customer reviews and testimonials on the charity’s website or social media. They provide insights into others’ positive experiences and how donations support community initiatives.

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