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Studio Forma is located in Newmarket.  We serve the Greater Toronto Area.
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The top 6 must-haves for your office space.

Here’s what we have deemed the top 6 must-haves to increase efficiency, productivity, creativity, collaboration and retention in team members.

Lighting in your office space.

In our last article, “The top 6 must-haves for your office space” we listed lighting as the first, most important must-have for an office space. Without proper lighting many ocular issues and even health problems can occur. It is critical that lighting be well thought through and considered in each space or area.

Your Workspace Environment

Transforming (modifying, altering, improving… ) your workspace environment is the most effective way to update your space.

Air In your Office Space

Air quality can be very difficult to control, especially when you are in a building that doesn’t have any operable windows to allow that fresh air flow. When you are indoors for 8-10 hours a day, you need good quality air, that helps your energy grow throughout the day. In an environment with poor air quality, adding toxins and pollutants to the air will cause stress, headaches or even respiratory problems.